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Family Fun Under the Sun: Exploring Ocean City's Kid-Friendly Attractions

Family Fun and Kid-Friendly Attractions

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Hey there, sun-seekers and beach bums!

On the hunt for the perfect family vacation that offers a little bit of everything?

Ocean City, Maryland is a bustling seaside town that's jam-packed with kid-friendly attractions that will keep your little ones entertained and the whole fam relaxed!

But first thing first–you might be wondering where to stay. Well, that's where we come in! We at OC Resorts pride ourselves on being one of the best Ocean City Maryland hotels for families.

Why, you ask? Our rooms are spacious, comfortable, and fully equipped with all the modern amenities you need. Plus, we're located smack-dab in the heart of OC, so you'll be just a hop, skip, and jump away from all the action!

Top Things To Do In Ocean City, MD With Kids

Ultimate Family Adventures & Top Things To Do

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Here are some of our top picks:

Hit the Beach

Numero uno on our list has got to be—drumroll, please–the beach!

I mean, c'mon, you can't rock up to this town and not hit the sandy shores. It's like going to a candy store and not getting any candy–unthinkable, right?

So, slap on some sunscreen, grab your bucket and spade, and prepare to become master architects of the sandcastle world. Whether you're building that towering castle or a cute little turtle, there's nothing quite like feeling the sand between your toes as you craft your sandy masterpiece.

But hey, if it ain't your thing, no sweat! You can always take a dip in the waves to cool off.

Or perhaps you're more of a sun worshipper? If so, then grab your favorite beach towel, lay back, and soak up those glorious rays. Don't forget your trendy sunglasses and hat–nobody likes a lobster look if you know what I mean!

And just remember to keep an eye on the young'uns to ensure they're safe!

Explore Jolly Rogers Amusement Park

Jolly Rogers Amusement Park Expedition

Image by Freepik

First off, this isn't just your run-of-the-mill amusement park. Oh no, this place is a veritable smorgasbord of thrills, chills, and spills! It's like the cherry on top of your Ocean City sundae, the exclamation point at the end of your vacation sentence.

Got little ones who are suckers for a good carousel ride? They've got it!

Or maybe your teens are thrill-seekers, itching to scream their lungs out on a roller coaster? They have them covered too!

And let's not forget the water slides. Oh boy, the water slides! They're perfect for those sweltering summer days when all you want to do is cool off and have a blast.

But the fun doesn't stop there.

They also offer mini-golf, go-kart racing, and even a pirate-themed spectacle that'll have your kids 'argh-ing' the whole day!

'Though their motto is "Go big or go home!", we doubt anyone ever wants to go home!

Check Out Marty’s Playland and Sportland Arcade

Let's say the weather's decided to play spoilsport, or maybe you've had your fill of the beach (as if that's possible!). What do you do? Hmm…how about some good ol' indoor fun?

We're talking about an epic wonderland of flashing lights, catchy tunes, and the sweet sound of tokens dropping.

Picture this: rows upon rows of your favorite classic games that'll give you a nostalgia trip, mixed with the latest high-tech arcade games that'll have your jaw on the floor.

Fancy yourself a pinball wizard? Go for it.

Want to challenge the kids to a friendly game of air hockey and show 'em who's boss? Bring it on!

Or maybe you want to test your racing skills on one of those super cool racing games? Buckle up, buddy!

Take a Stroll Along the Boardwalk

Taking a Scenic Stroll Along the Boardwalk

Image by Freepik

Think of it as a runway, where everyone struts their stuff under the twinkling lights, against a backdrop of that rhythmic ocean waves. It's like the heartbeat of the town, always buzzing, always alive!

You'll see folks of all ages, from little tots with ice cream-smeared faces to grandpas showing off their shuffleboard skills.

And oh, the food! You can't wander without munching on some favorite boardwalk eats!

From mouth-watering funnel cakes dusted with powdered sugar to my favorite hot, crispy fries doused in vinegar, your taste buds are in for a treat!

And don't even get me started on the caramel popcorn–it's like a symphony of sweetness in your mouth!

Making the Most of Ocean City, MD Family Vacations

If you ever need any recommendations or assistance during your stay, our friendly front desk staff are always here to help.

Pack your bags, round up the kiddos, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with OC Resorts–your home away from home under the sun!

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